Candidate for the position of International Students' Representative

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Manab Mohanty

Why me?

I promise to make Edinburgh your home away from home and build a strong community of international students from around the world, where we all celebrate our cultures and learn from each other.

I will be your friend first and will be available for all types of queries and concerns with university life, or even just a chat, throughout my term and beyond. 


What I aim to do:


  • Reservation for International Students in University Sponsored Internships:

I will push for more internship opportunities for international students, within the University, by asking for more funding into this area.


  • Overall review and development of MyCareerHub with respect to Tier 4 visa:

The current narrative of My Career Hub lacks the perspective of tier 4 visa students. More job fairs, practice interview opportunities, and personalized one-on-one mentorship is to be greatly emphasized.


General Well Being:

  • The Resit diet:

I will push for a system where international students can choose if they want to take the exam in-person or online in August. The university should also provide accommodation options to international students.


  • More funding into Cultural Societies:

I will strive for more funding into cultural societies from different countries around the world, to promote a two-dimensional learning pathway for international students.


  • Community feeling:

I will push for more community builder events throughout the year. A system of an extensive alumni network is also to be put into place.


Physical and Mental Health:

  • Discount on the gym fees for international students:

I will strive to make the gyms cheaper (up to 25% of the current price) for international students.


  • Better trained staff for counseling:

International students face a varied set of problems different from country to country. It's important that the counseling services are better trained.


I promise to answer all emails, with a solution, guidance, or update within 24 hours throughout my tenure.



I am experienced in making people feel at home while working as a Resident Assistant at university accommodation. I am also a Student Ambassador for the School of Mathematics, where I answer all types of questions that new students might have. While closely working with the Indian Society being an Events Officer first, then currently the Treasurer, I have gained valuable experiences and managed to promote my country’s culture in an international atmosphere. I was also a Global Buddy Leader to help new students get accustomed to university and have organized events for them. I have relative experience of being a student representative, previously being the Hostel Secretary and Head Boy of my school.


Vote Manab to feel at home as an International Student!