Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

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Samantha Likonde


My name is Samantha Likonde, I am a third year law student, I have a keen interest in international human rights law and Delict. I also have a love for sports, particularly netball and athletics.


I am running for the role of BME officer as issues of racial inequality, racism and discrimination are matters that I have always felt a duty to stand against.

I have a wide range of experience highlighting my continuous fight against inequality such as being a co-founder and director of the BlackED movement which was created to highlight issues of racial inequality within the university through advocating for and working with various minority peers and staff.

I have also worked as a volunteer with the Unity centre who give practical support and solidarity to asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland.

Further I am currently the project coordinator of the young Saheliya project which works to Support young BME women from refugee backgrounds through mental health and employability.

Lastly I am the current vice president of the African Caribbean society.

All of my experience signifies that I have always ensured I am fighting for equality and standing for solidarity through working with numerous BME communities. 


I aim to work closely with staff and students to rebuild confidence and ensure solidarity within our University.

The areas I wish to focus on include;

  • Representative counselling service
    • Eliminate the anxiety of talking to a counsellor who you feel does not have the capacity to understand your situation due to various cultural barriers.
  • Implementation of an Enquiry service
  •  To allow for a system of transparency whereby students can see how the university deal with issues of racial injustice on campus.
  • Increase participation in volunteering and sporting activities
    • Through awareness campaigns and rewards for exceptional efforts. As well as increasing access to resources which would aid future career endeavours.
  • Improve racial literacy on campus
    •  All BME students deserve to feel safe and comfortable in university without the worry of microaggressions and racially insensitive comments.

Find out more on my Instagram page; Likondesamantha

And my facebook page; SamanthaLikonde

Email me if you would like more information or to include any areas that you feel need to be focused on;