Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Appreciation)

Matthew Boyle

My name is Matt and I will be running for the role of societies representative in the appreciation category. I am studying Chinese MA and am currently in my first year. I believe that the appreciation societies are some of the most exciting because these societies contain people who are truly passionate about a specific area – whether that be films, a sport or whisky! These societies can act as a friendship group, where people who all have at least one similar interest are able to discuss it and take part in it enthusiastically with others without feeling awkward. For these reasons, I think that it is extremely important that these societies continue to grow and provide for others what they have provided for me and that is why I will be running for this position. I will be able to liaise with the student council and present any ideas which any of the appreciation societies may have for discussion, and hopefully improve on areas that the societies would like to see change.