Candidate for the position of Veterinary Studies Undergraduate School Representative

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Julian Mashingaidze

Even though I am technically not a veterinary student (I am part of the Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security) I feel like Easter Bush is my second home. I spend a lot of my time catching a bus and heading over to our beautiful campus. I am always in awe of the innovation that it took to construct the Bush. I am running for the role of representative because I feel a responsibility to ensure that our campus is the best campus at the University. My commitment is to ensure that in all aspects that Easter Bush will be the best campus the university has to offer.


I am committed to ensuring that our learning experience in the best. I know that there is a lack of electives that are offered on the campus. One of the main things that I will main to do as your representatives is to ensure that we have more of these. That these electives are in line with the general interest of the student body. In line with that I would like to see more people from other schools be exposed to the Easter Bush environment. I realise that while we at some point will experience central, most of the student body will never see Easter Bush. I feel that that is a shame we should be more open to the rest of the student body.


I also realize that at times the Easter bush timetabling could be improved. I want to opening community with the coordinators and find ways in which we could improve the timetable. As well as finding ways to making it easier and possibly cheaper for students who take the bus to and from the centre of Edinburgh. I want to improve this aspect of the learning experience and am committed to making the discussions which can help to improve this for the student body.


I believe in the power of discussion and I will try my outmost to hear the thoughts of the student body. I am energetic and committed to making a difference. I f elected I will do my utmost to make our school the best school. I want to ensure that every single student will enjoy their learning experience, and this is something that I will strive to do. I believe that together we can uplift ourselves and subsequently Edinburgh as a university.