Candidate for the position of Edinburgh Medical Undergraduate School Representative

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Pia Wahi-Singh

Hello! My name is Pia, and I am a first year medical student. I am from Arizona, USA. As student representative, I hope to facilitate a positive student experience and the easy delivery of course instruction. The specific areas I hope to target include:

Easy Delivery of Course Instruction

I hope to address the ambiguity in what is examinable material with the creation of a syllabus for each module that includes all essential topics and the lecture or tutorial in which they were taught. I also support the creation of practice question banks that are representative of exam questions, so that students do not have to rely on external services – many of which are paid.

More accessible online platforms

I would push for consistent methods of finding and submitting assignments on PebblePad, clear assignments and due dates posted in one place on Learn, and firmer deadlines for return of online feedback on essay and exam results.

Supporting Mental and Social Wellbeing

As the daughter of a psychiatrist and a psychologist and as a committee member in the WellMed society, I firmly believe in the importance of social and mental wellbeing. As student representative, I would strongly advocate for continued and increased resource allocation into student wellbeing initiatives.

Skills I bring to the table

  • Communication: As the WellMed media representative, I have practice in communicating with the medic student body. I will expand on these established paths of communication as the student representative.
  • Leadership: I am the co-founder and president of an international NGO, wherein I have helped organise and execute 9 service projects. This experience has honed my ability to identify the needs of a target cohort and translate these into successful initiatives.
  • Advocacy: As an office bearer in the United States National Honour Society, I have experience in successfully advocating for my peer’s interests to school administration and leading successful campaigns focused on their needs.
  • Teamwork: I have been a dance instructor for 5 years, and am well practiced in the skills of active listening and working collaboratively with colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration! Do remember, vote for Pia.