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Bhanu Wahi-Singh

Hello World

My name is Bhanu Wahi-Singh. I am a first year medical student, and I am running to be Academic Activities Representative. I was born and brought up in America and bring an international perspective alongside a keen interest in facilitating academic activities!


My Qualifications:

My passion for promoting education and my leadership skills have been well demonstrated. As cofounder of an international NGO that removes barriers to education amongst impoverished children in India, I’ve led the collection of more than £10,000 and facilitated nine education-related service projects. Interested in academic enhancement, I researched in Professor Reed Cartwright’s lab on the efficacy of an American STEM promotion program. In school, I worked as the public relations officer of the National Honors Society and as a tutor in my school’s peer tutoring program - both roles which enhanced my interest in education and my leadership skills. 

These experiences have further demonstrated to me the importance of organization and logistic support in all successful academic ventures.


Why I’d like to run:

I am currently a member of two academic societies (Surgical Skills Society and Obstetrics and Gynecology society), and have attended events hosted by many more. During these interactions, I have noticed areas for potential improvement in the support provided to academic societies. 

For instance, in my first semester of medical school I attended an Accessibility in Medicine Society tutorial that was interrupted by a security officer who came in and was extremely cross at the overcrowding in the room, describing potential fire hazards. It was a confusing and unfortunate occurrence in an otherwise helpful tutorial. Clearly, if there was more logistical support for such academic ventures, these situations could be avoided.


What I propose:

As the Academic Activities Representative, my foremost goal will be to allow Academic Societies logistic support through a variety of means:

  1. Connecting academic societies with the resources they need to succeed

  2. Easing the process for creating an academic society by streamlining the process and increase the support in getting them up and running

  3. Promoting academic societies and their role in ensuring academic success of University of Edinburgh Students

  4. Advocating for funding necessary to further improve the quality of our academic societies

  5. Allowing for the expansion of existing academic societies and the creation of new ones such that learning is encouraged in diverse yet potent forms


I intend to accomplish these goals by capitalizing on my own extensive leadership experience.  I believe these societies serve as the backbone supporting academics at Edinburgh and will create opportunities for them, will take a stand for them, and will assist in their establishment.

Vote Bhanu Wahi-Singh for Academic Activities Representative!

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