Candidate for the position of Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Chris Armstrong

Hello! I’m Chris, a third year Medical Sciences undergraduate student.

During my time studying at Edinburgh University I have become passionate about improving the student experience along with improving the quality of education.  In second year as a class representative I saw many key issues which I feel should be addressed, therefore, I’m standing to be your next Biomedical School undergraduate representative.

Here is a short list of some of the various topics I look to tackle in order to improve your student experience and enhance your education.

Improve representation and student voice

  • Ensure your voices are listened to within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences by seeking out students’ needs and requirements, bridging the gap between students and lecturers
  • Improve the current course feedback system including the mid semester feedback and course enhancement questionnaires to ensure your opinions are heard and appropriate feedback is received.

Improve peer-learning and support system

  • Enhance the Academic Family system making them more impactful and appropriate, not only for first year students but also for other years.
  • Implement a system enabling students to gain insight and information from peers or senior students relating to experiences such as choosing course options, applying for internships as well as identifying support they found useful within the University

Enhance educational experience

  • Work towards ensuring constructive standardised feedback and information to enable students to constantly improve
  • Implement further guidance on essay writing and critical analysis of references for non-honours years students to ensure they are fully prepared for honours courses.
  • Work towards a designated quiet study area for students within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences

Integrating new students

  • Improve communication with new students starting their degree courses ensuring they have all the information required in relation to course options and academic expectations.

Community Engagement

  • Introduce more community events within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences to enable students from all years to have a sense of belonging, engage with each other, share information and keep up to date with relevant information.
  • Introduce more guest lectures across varied topic ranges within Biomedical Sciences to ensure undergraduate students are informed of current research and are able to apply or understand the relevance of knowledge gained within lectures.

Finally, as your elected representative I would be approachable, willing to listen to your views and effectively communicate these to senior staff within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences whilst keeping you informed of discussions and decisions to ensure everyone has a voice and feels part of the biomedical community.