Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (International and Multicultural)

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Ilona Myllyniemi


I'm Ilona Myllyniemi, a second-year student of Sociology and Politics. I'm originally from Finland, and I studied for a year at the University of Helsinki before coming to Edinburgh in 2017. As an international student, I know the importance of activities and societies when it comes to navigating a new university environment - and a different country - and I want to be the one you can turn to if support is ever needed.

As the former secretary and current vice president of Scandinavian Society, I have a passion for developing and supporting societies that are geared towards the international and multicultural experience many students here at Edinburgh Uni share.

As an Activities Representative, I will be a committed and approachable figure who is advocating on behalf of all international and multicultural societies and events in Edinburgh.

My priorities are clear; I want to help all students feel like they are a part of the university community, and often the easiest way to gain a sense of belonging is through a society - societies definitely helped me find my place at Edinburgh, and I want to help others feel supported and appreciated as well.

Therefore, my aim is to secure support, funding, and resources for multicultural societies, big and small alike, so that our societies can be the best they can be.