Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Artistic and Creative)

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Annabelle Avery

I’m Annabelle, I am a second year Physics student, and I would love to be your next Activities Representative for the ‘Artistic and Creative’ category. I am the current External Events Coordinator for the Makeup and Special Effects Society, where I liaise with companies to organise brand events and collaborations. I also acted as Sponsorship Secretary for the society last academic year. As I have been on a society committee for two years, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to fully understand the ins-and-outs of operating a society, and hence, have a clear idea for how to improve society experiences and, by extension, enrich student life at Edinburgh. 


As a society committee member already, I attend weekly committee meetings in which I have to present ideas and collaborate with other committee members. I frequently am in a position where I need to give constructive opinions and queries, so I understand what it is like to have difficult conversations, and can therefore navigate problem-solving quite well. I believe my experience here would be a valuable contribution for the role of Artistic and Creative Activities Rep. 


The opportunity to work as part of a team to oversee new societies and funding applications is an aspect of this role that really excites me. I would love to see more Artistic and Creative Societies emerge at the university, as the category is quite small compared to others. I believe it is crucial to have a wide selection of creative outlets for students to escape from academic stresses and express themselves.


Another thing I love about being involved in university societies is the social aspect. I love getting to know people from all different backgrounds. As such, as an activities rep, I would strive for there to be more collaboration between societies. Especially for the smaller societies, this would allow students to hold exciting and ambitious events, that otherwise would not be possible if there were only limited numbers. I would also like to have a focus on charitable events, as combining societies is a great way to maximise the funds you can raise for a cause.  Additionally, I would love for Artistic and Creative societies to hold a joint ball at the end of the academic year, so we can celebrate our achievements and dedication to our societies


It is important to make sure your voice is heard in the upcoming elections so that you feel you are best represented in the following academic year. I would really appreciate the opportunity to represent you and hope that my manifesto has shown you that I would be the best candidate for this role.