Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Representative

Sara McCaffery


I'm Sara, a 3rd year mature student studying BSc Applied Sport Science, I'm also a 34 year old wife and mother to 2 children. I have been a programme rep since I started at the university and was previously a Union Rep in my previous employment.  I have been actively involved in helping improve the student experience at the university, both within my programme and in my outside courses.  
I decided to stand as Mature Students Rep as I think that unless you are a mature student you cannot fully understand the issues/challenges we face in returning to education.  Whether it's travelling in to university for 9am lectures after having to rush to get our children to childcare in time, or having to miss lectures due to issues within the family or for work commitments. I also think it can be isolating being a mature student, especially on courses with younger age ranges, Uni is hard enough without having to figure out where you fit on your course. 
If elected I will strive to listen to feedback from the mature student population, and focus on addressing any issues we are facing. 
I don't have a set list of goals or aims for the role, I think that should come from us as a whole, so if elected I'll be reaching out to find out what needs done and where. I'm based in Moray House, so would be interested to hear of issues elsewhere as well.