Candidate for the position of Social & Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Jenny Jarrett


Hi! My name is Jenny, and I’m currently a second year student studying international relations and international law. Almost three years ago I traded in Canada’s beautiful Rocky Mountains for Edinburgh’s historic cobbled streets, and I am absolutely loving living in the city once again. I feel so privileged to be a part of the wonderful community that is the University of Edinburgh.

I believe it is important to give back to those around me, whether through volunteering for local non-profits or fundraising for charities close to my heart. I truly enjoy being able to help others, and want to continue doing so in every way possible. Because of this, I have decided to run for the position of Social and Political Science undergrad representative. 

As your representative, I will aim to:

  • Enhance and reform student mental health support systems.

  • Improve the availability of study spaces around campus, especially during revision periods. 

  • Improve resources for student carers, such as assured access to lecture recordings for when attendance isn’t possible.

  • Strengthen communication and relationship building between staff and students.

  • Refurbish worn down areas around campus, and make our environments look good. 

  • Support sustainability efforts across the university. 


Most importantly, I will endeavour to bring forth any of your comments, concerns or ideas for our school and wider university. .

I believe unity is the most effective way to implement change. To achieve any of these goals we must work together, and I hope to represent SPS in the coming year to do our part in improving our university community.