Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

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Rachel Irwin

Hello! My name is Rachel and I’m a final year History student.

I decided to run for VPAS because it’s a role that perfectly encapsulates what I’ve valued most about my university experience, and the areas that I’ve been most involved in throughout the past 4 years.

This year, I was elected President of the History Society, one of the largest societies on campus, so I have a lot of experience with running and working with societies, and I’m extremely passionate about supporting student-led groups as much as possible.

As a ladies rugby player, and an intramural netball and football player, I understand how important it is that our students have the opportunity to enjoy both the physical and social benefits of participating in sport, and I'm determined to break down the barriers that prevent many students from doing so.

Finally, as a Bars Team Member for EUSA (I’ve probably pulled you a pint in Library Bar!), I’m keenly aware of how our venues are run and what could be improved, and deeply committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.  

Here are some of the changes I would like to make, to improve your student experience…



  • Introduce Academic Families into all Schools to encourage connectivity between year groups.
  • More support for Student Groups (not just Societies).
  • Ensure all Schools’ Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLC) invite relevant societies to help build connections between Societies and Schools.
  • Host regular events for Section Reps and Underrepresented Groups such as mature students, Online Distance Learners, student carers, student parents, etc.
  • Food & Drink Forum: consult students more about what food and drink we sell at our venues/outlets.
  • Interschool Tournament: sports day, quiz, talent show.



  • Subsidised or free gym membership for students on bursaries.
  • Better and safer transport links to Peffermill Playing Fields.
  • Free room bookings across all EUSA and University venues for all societies and student groups.
  • University-wide study space mapper – map of alternative study spaces across all campuses that utilises the Main Library’s occupancy traffic light system with live updates.  
  • Streamline financial opportunities for students – MyFunding App: all financial support or funding opportunities within the University/EUSA in one place.



  • Recycling facilities at all EUSA and University buildings.
  • Good Foods campaign: locally-sourced, sustainably packaged, as many vegetarian/vegan options as meat/dairy options at all of our venues.
  • Eliminate non-recyclable packaging at all of our venues – use eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Sustainable club night once a month!
  • More break space in the Main Library to encourage healthy study breaks and reduce number of people who eat/sleep/work at their desk.
  • Mindfulness workshops across campus throughout the year – encourage healthy minds as well as healthy bodies.