Candidate for the position of Informatics Undergraduate School Representative

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Ammir Barakat

Hey! I'm Ameer, and I'm your hopeful next school rep.

I have worked a multitude of different jobs in my life. I was involved in interpreting for refugees in Scotland and bridging cultural divides. I have worked with disabled people, and I was the event organizer for an animal shelter in Syria. The common theme in all these jobs is communication, no matter who you are or the message you want to send, I will happily listen to you and relay it accurately and efficiently to the school.

I am to work on 3 main aspects:

  • Inclusivity: The school boasts a multiracial and multicultural group of students, but misogyny, racism, and other forms of discrimination often drive people away from STEM. I will petition the school to add a minorities officer to better represent those voices and work on making them feel welcomed.
  • Communication: How many students are aware of this role? How many are reluctant to publicly voice their opinions? First, students should be made aware of their ability to voice their concerns, secondly, they should be enabled to voice such concerns in a manner that's comfortable to them. I will petition the school to create a single point, multilingual, and anonymous communication system.
  • Online presence: Learn, my.ed, the school's homepage, we all know they're not the best. Why not get informatics students to overhaul them?
  • Making Appleton Tower feel like home: Many of us spend several hours a day there, I want it to truly feel like home to the students. Motivational or funny posters that will put a smile on your face, cushions to make that late night nap more comfortable, or a free food shelf where people can share their extra food with other people. Collective responsibility, collective living, and collective enjoyment.


My promise is that no matter your problem, your circumstances, or who you are, I will always be ready to sit down with you, take your problem seriously, and work on addressing it.