Candidate for the position of History, Classics & Archaeology Undergraduate School Representative

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Tristan Craig

Hello! I’m Tristan and I hope that you’ll consider my nomination for the position of HCA Undergraduate School Representative. Before I dive into my manifesto, I thought it would be appropriate to share a little about myself…


Beginning my UG studies in 2019 as a mature student (entering through the inaugural year of the university's Access Programme), I found it incredibly daunting – both on an academic and social level; the term ‘imposter syndrome’ captures those feelings particularly well. I am also an openly transgender student and found dealing with the complexities of my transition whilst settling into university to be very difficult at times. What I quickly realised, however, is that I’m not alone in having those feelings and that the transition to full-time academia can be overwhelming for many students, regardless of background.


For me, representation for all individuals is key and I believe pastoral care is as important as academic guidance. Serving as an active Programme Rep for Classics this year has allowed me to gain an understanding of what the representative role entails and how I can work to ensure the voices of all students are heard.


As part of my role as History, Classics and Archaeology Undergraduate Representative, I intend to:


  • Work to ensure adequate representation for all student groups by creating a comprehensive feedback system available for access throughout the academic year.
  • Offer additional support to first years to ensure they’re fully aware of the facilities available to them, from the use of Learn to the SRR.
  • Work towards better clarification on structuring essays – in particular, the different expectations in referencing between departments within HCA.
  • Work with lecturers to create exam workshops, particularly for first year students, so that they have a better awareness of what to expect and how to effectively revise.
  • Work with tutors to ensure transparency of marking criteria and making sure feedback reflects this.
  • Campaign to revise the inclusion (or lack) of a Reading Week in Semester 1.


Above all, I plan to be visible in my role and encourage all students to be pro-active in voicing their opinions to make sure everyone gets the most out of their university experience. As a joint degree student between the Classics and History departments, I’m acutely aware of the differences between subject areas and how important clarity is for ensuring no student is disadvantaged, particularly when a course is split over semesters.

Although I may just be moving into my second year here, I have learnt a great deal as a former Access Programme student, and from representing my department year group, and feel well equipped to deliver on my intentions.