Candidate for the position of Health in Social Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Hannah Williams

I am Hannah Williams, a second-year student in the MA Health, Science and Society undergraduate course and I am running for your vote to be the undergraduate representative for the school rep for the school of Health and Social Science! I possess valuable characteristics/ attributes such as being a hardworking, reliable, trustworthy and I hope very approachable and friendly candidate. I have over a year’s worth of experience and still currently work for the Student’s Association which emphasises my involvement and knowledge of the university and all it has to offer. Through being at Edinburgh for almost 2 years, I have developed my time management skills such as balancing both academic work, extra-curricular activities and a part-time job. I hope to represent the students of the school of Health in Social Science whilst also feeling supported, involved and engaged within both the Students’ Association and the University. I would ensure that you as students are aware of key projects throughout the year and letting us know about any issues which arise. I would then gather feedback from students provided by the Students’ Association and your School. I would be able to effectively communicate any of your feedback or questions to staff in the School, ensuring that issues are dealt with, and provide outcomes. As an active member of the University of Edinburgh community it is a great opportunity to give something back as well as the added benefit of improving the student experience at Edinburgh for the future. Taking this role would allow me to develop life skills like leadership, relationship- management and communication. My main goals have to be realistic and achievable within this year so i would attempt to change/improve: 1. More representation for our school in the university – make our voices be heard, become more known and active within the university 2. More inclusivity and equality for our school 3. Bring the school (its degree programmes) closer together 4. Better awareness of academic and social resources 5. Keep relations between students and academic staff closer e.g. more optional events Although the school of Health and Social Science are definitely one of the smaller schools that does not mean we should be viewed as any less! It is vital that we take this opportunity to work together and allow us to keep the updated with the rest of the university. We would work closely with other schools whilst continuing to thrive and learn. Since you are affected by every action that the university makes, undergraduate school reps are one way of taking control for our school. I would be extremely grateful for your votes in order to take that first step. Please vote for Hannah Williams