Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Niamh McCrossan

I’m Niamh, a 4th year International Relations and Law student, and founder of The Noisy Movement.

I want to create Welfare services that are F.A.I.R., with achievable policies that will improve every student’s physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Expansion of the counselling service:
    • Create a follow-up counselling service beyond the current 4 sessions provided: ease in the new semester with a check up to ease pressures and prevent further issues
    • Offer tailored support for those off campus: from medics, teachers, to those on year abroads
    • Continue the fight for shorter waiting lists and more funding for counselling services
  • Stronger support from our Schools: receiving a week extension on coursework is often not consistent, and not enough. I will lobby to provide consistency, and alternative assessment options to suit individual needs
  • Leading on from the success of free yoga, I will introduce Wellbeing Wednesdays: free gym access to all students on the first Wednesdays of the month.
  • Provide free quit smoking packs available from the advice place


  • No student should have to choose between paying the bills and doing well in university
    • Financial situations and job commitments will be taken into consideration when applying for extensions and special circumstances
    • I will increase awareness of the discretionary and hardship grant, particularly to those who are dependent on a job that is affecting their university experience
    • Financial support for those who need to find counselling services that Edinburgh University cannot offer
    • I will lobby to create more student friendly jobs on campus
  • I will expand on current work to address the needs of low-income and BME students through the University’s Widening Participation strategy
  • How to adult classes’: classes and assistance in budgeting, banking, mortgage hunting, even cooking on a budget


  • Support sessions for students on ‘coming out’ and transitioning: students often come to university and lead a double life. Peer support groups can make LGBT students feel more comfortable and safe to be themselves
  • Expansion of gender neutral toilets, especially in the main library
  • Expansion of the Non-medical Personal Help Fund for those who identify as disabled, to recognise mental and physical disabilities


  • Expanding #NoExcuse
    • Creating a pre-matriculation module for 1st year students on consent training, identifying what is consent
    • include clear information on how to report a crime, how to receive support for victims of sexual assault/harassment
    • I will work towards an effective report and support system to create records and links in attacks, identifying danger zones and allow for preventative measures.  

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