Candidate for the position of Biological Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Sabine Crozier

Hello! I’m Sabine, a 2nd Biological Science student who is really excited to have the opportunity to be elected as your voice to the rest of the University. There is nobody that would work harder than me to make your opinions heard! 


Why vote for me?

Why not? I have been a programme representative for two years and through that I have gathered the appropriate experience to represent YOU and YOUR academic life here at Edinburgh University. 

I have been privileged to gather and discuss feedback with course organisers. Therefore, I know how important it is to provide feedback in order to improve the student experience in the school of Biological Sciences. I know how to effectively communicate with staff in the school to get YOUR point across! It has been incredible to see some of my recommendations and evaluations of the feedback be implemented into the degree program to make it better for current and future students. 


If I was elected to be your Biological Sciences Undergraduate School Representative I would follow the “BIO” Manifesto:


B - Building Bridges

I will strengthen the relationship between the school and the rest of the University. Because, let’s face it, at King’s we do feel a little bit left out of the conversation when it comes to events and decisions at George Square. 

I want to build a bridge which will allow YOUR voice to be heard! I will attend student council meetings and school rep forums which will give you the opportunity to bring forward any concerns about wider issues that affect you, such as the shuttle bus. 


I - Improve Communication 

I will try to create a more cohesive framework for programme representatives to gather and deliver information to and from students. This gives programme reps more support within their role and it will allow YOUR opinion to be fairly represented in Biological Sciences courses. I will campaign to standardise feedback for all graded assignments and the stress the importance for exam feedback across all years. 


O - Openness

I will become a visible, active presence in the school. I want to create drop in sessions where any issues can be brought forward face to face and all questions can be answered. I hope this will allow swift action on any issues that may arise and allow YOUR student experience to be the best it possibly can be. 


As your school representative I will use every inch of my experiences to ensure that YOUR voice is heard, YOUR opinions are expressed, and YOUR student experience is the best it possibly can be! 


Thanks for reading my manifesto, if you have any questions just contact me at