Candidate for the position of Divinity Undergraduate School Representative

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Nicholas Dolan

My Name is Nicholas Dolan, I am a third year Divinity and Classics student, seeking to reignite the student experience at New College. When I arrived at New College, I was taken in by the wonderful atmosphere, the brilliant people, and entering my final year, I want to make sure it stays that way for the next generation of New College Students.

I seek to help develop student life at New College in two key areas, the social life of New College, and the Academic life. 

The Social Life: 

  • To help each year bond and find ways to get new students into the wider student body, I want to start a school wide cup competition, between Undergraduates, Postgraduates, and Staff. From pub quiz’s to sports events, from debates to singing contests, the whole school will work towards winning the annual trophy for their year, which would be awarded at the New College Ball.
  • New College can often feel like an isolated part of the university, and I would lobby EUSA to seek to install the ‘Just Eat’ rent a bike system at New College to make the building more accessible to students traveling from a distance. 


The Academic Life: 

  • With new proposed systems of student support replacing the personal tutor system, the academic relationships between students and staff need to be shored up. I propose hosting an informal coffee morning with staff in Rainy Hall, where students can bring copies of essays and exams to discuss their development, along with the looking for new ways for students to engage with their academic work.
  • It can often feel that the marking between departments, and courses differ wildly. To help students understand the different marking perspectives, I shall seek to have the class course syllabus include the marking scheme for the course, along with notes from the course organiser describing nuances present on each different course. 
  • To make sure every student is involved and informed about the lectures or seminars held within the school, and the other academic opportunities available, I propose creating a weekly school newsletter. Not only including the academic opportunities, but also highlighting staff and student achievement.
  • I will also seek to work alongside the Student Support team to ensure that there is continuous support for student who are struggling or undergoing difficulty with mental health during their time at university, so that they do not feel isolated but rather find the best support possible. 

Voting Number 1 for me is a vote towards a more connected and integrated New College, where the social and academic lives of students can flourish. 


Vote Nicholas Number 1 for a real New College connection.