Candidate for the position of Engineering Undergraduate School Representative

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Niamh McClean






Who I Am

I am a 3rd Year Chemical Engineering student who believes the culture in the School of Engineering needs to be changed, as all students should feel a part of a collaborative engineering community here in Edinburgh. I have been a Chemical Engineering Programme Representative for 3 years now and I believe I have the experience to help students have their say.


My Policies

  1. Continue working with the Student’s Association to lobby the University to make sure the shuttle bus continues.
  2. Develop a better alternative to the EngPals system with each discipline having a programme-specific student-led mentoring system to increase collaboration between 1st-5th Year Engineers with more emphasis on creating a community within and between disciplines.
  3. Work with academic staff to use your feedback to develop a new curriculum for the School, with assessment that works for all students and courses that can be personalised to your style of learning.
  4. Start a regular drop-in in the EngInn where students can give real time feedback to representatives and academics on what works well and what is not working instead of the current unsustainable methods of mid-semester feedback.
  5. Push to ensure that Engineering students have great enough study space and food services at Kings until the new Engineering hub and Kings Nucleus are completed in 2022.


Why You Should Vote For Me

If elected, my unofficial sixth policy would be to listen to the students I represent and try to implement any changes you want to see happen in Engineering at Edinburgh. I have already began discussions of all these ideas and more with the Head of School and Director of Learning and Teaching, and I would love the chance to act on an official capacity with the support of all Engineering students behind me.