Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Political)

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Jordan Dowd

In my previous two years as Political Activities Rep and active member of the Funding Subcommittee, I have consistently supported and spoken in favor of motions improving accessibility, environmental sustainability, and social equity at the University, while also providing consultation to societies applying for EUSA funds through the Funding Committee and assisting new societies in filing their charter paperwork. 


If re-elected, my priorities for the 2020-2021 academic year will be:


  1. create a centralized schedule of political and campaigning societies’ events and make it available to society officers, in order to reduce schedule conflicts and increase the number of collaborative events between political and campaigning societies;

  2. hold meetings with society officers interested in applying for EUSA funding in order to workshop potential funding applications and help your society maximise its odds of a successful application to the Volunteering Impact Fund or Societies Development Fund;

  3. lobby the University administration for more funding for the Volunteering Impact Fund in future academic years;

  4. organize more large scale voter registration drives for US-citizen students in the leadup to the November 2020 election;

  5. support the Liberation Officers and Sabbs in organizing higher Student Council turnout to improve vote margins in favour of motions for better disability accessibility, better student support, and better academic and administrative commitment to social justice;

  6. through the political societies, more effectively promote and distribute information about new or soon-to-be-enacted programs like free menstrual products, free drug testing kits, disability-accessible restrooms, and EUSA-provided training, in order to increase the number of students benefiting from these programs;

  7. support the University and College Union and its staff in any future industrial action, and organize increased student turnout and EUSA promotion of rallies, teach-outs, and other events associated with the UCU’s industrial action against pension cuts, casualization of teaching contracts, and precarity for the workers whose labour allows us to receive our education;

  8. maintain my 100% voting record in favor of EUSA motions which promote more robust student services and social justice, and speak publicly in favor of these motions on social media and in Student Council

  9. use my familiarity with EUSA rules and regulations to assist any students who are interested in writing and introducing  motions to Student Council 

  10. provide mentorship to any students who are interested in running for an Activities Exec position or a committee position within their own societies


I am committed to social justice, robust student services, and an activist student government. I hope that I have earned your vote through my previous record and future objectives. If you have any questions, please find me on Facebook or send me an email!


In Solidarity, 


--Jordan Dowd