Candidate for the position of Vice President Community

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Amanda Scully

Hi, I'm Amanda! I am a fourth year International Relations student and I am running for Vice President Community.

I'm grateful that Edinburgh has truly felt like home since I've been at university and I have been a part of some brilliant student initiatives and socieites that have helped foster that feeling.

However, I know there is so much more that can be done when it comes to enriching the relationship students have with the university and wider city community, which is why I want to represent students' voices and fight for positive and lasting change. 

Here's my plan of action... 

Let's get local 

  • Increase student engagement with local issues
    • Introduce workshops on social issues in Edinburgh to be run by Local MPs or community members/organisations
  • Have all Students' Association survey vouchers and giveaways be partnered with local shops
  • Create an online platform to amplify and promote local events that are being run outside of the university community

Let's get sustainable

  • Make Students' Association buildings a resource for information and space to drop off hard to recycle items such as electronics or furniture
  • Create a campaign around sustainable food choice, including a guide and tips on how students can make more local and greener choices 
  • Expand the zero waste shop and conduct a survey on what students want and need when it comes to making the transition to zero waste

And let's make Edinburgh feel like home

  • Start a campaign to get students aware of their tenancy and employment rights to make sure students are not being taken advantage of and have access to safe accommodation and work 
  • Continue to fight for a rent cap on university student halls and advocate for university builds instead of private housing 
  • Keep pushing for accessible, cheap and sustainable transport options across campuses 
  • Reevaulate the student guarantor scheme and university housing scheme, working towards expansion and accessibility of these services
  • Encourage more art on campus
    • advocate for temporary art installations across campuses, with a focus on art that gives a platform to underrepresented student voices
  • Create more community events and meet-ups for postgraduate international students 
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