Candidate for the position of International Students' Representative

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Paschal Onyemaechi


I'm Paschal Onyemaechi, a 2nd-year chemical engineering student and a proud Nigerian. I am determined to devote my time and energy to create positive changes that international students want, making life in the university fun, fruitful and fulfilling. I feel strongly about the representation of international students being one myself and will endeavor to earn your trust by using my prior experiences and knowledge to make all our voices heard on all issues that matter to us as a community.  



I'm approachable, confident, and friendly. Since my first year, I've gained a lot of insights and experiences, which has broadened my understanding of the challenges faced by international students. I know the realities of life as an international student. 

I've always been passionate about representing others' views since my secondary school days. I was the president of the Junior Engineers And Technicians' club and the senior prefect in my school. Currently, I'm the industrial representative of the Nigerian Society.  

These roles provided a platform for me to meet and work with people from different orientations. As an industrial rep, I am actively involved in organizing and hosting events for the Nigerian society, and I also play a vital role in the society's liaisons. For my role as a senior prefect, I proposed a new student disciplinary policy to the school intending to curb the rampant bullying of junior students by their seniors. 





  • I am going to endeavor to ensure that the University slashes the fees for international students. International students make a huge cultural and economic contribution to the UK. The inflated tuition fees deter a lot of international students from enrolling at the university. 
  • I am going to work with the university to establish a Funding scheme for international students that can not afford to pay their tuition fees. 


  • Encouraging the university to reform its mental health resources to involve all international students. I believe that there is a gap in the university's efforts to help students with mental health issues.



  • Listening to your voices and taking active measures to initiate the changes you want to see.
  • I will strive to keep you afloat with what is going on at the university. By keeping you involved, you will be able to understand why things change and how it will benefit you.
  • Representing your views candidly, politely and constructively to the University, and feeding back to you. 


  • Creating an online forum to encourage international students to exchange tips and ideas, coping strategies and organizational help. I want to build a strong community.