Candidate for the position of Mathematics Undergraduate School Representative

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Daire Byrne

I am campaigning to be elected as the Undergraduate Representative of the School of Mathematics. Having spent two years as a programme representative within the School, I have been endowed with considerable experience, expertise, and a clear comprehension of the responsibilities and rigours which the task of representing students entails. This experience has afforded me an opportunity to develop an aptitude and appetite for debate and discourse, skills honed advocating for projects to ameliorate student satisfaction such as the refurbishment of Ashworth. I am of the opinion that these attributes, paired with my candor, determination, and diligence, render me an excellent choice for the role.

Democracy and mathematics are inexorably intertwined. Both birthed in Ancient Greece, both subjects of tedium and torturous difficulty at times, yet both utterly captivating. I feel that the best way to provide the optimal learning experience for students of mathematics is to enshrine and embrace the foundational principle of democracy; that the individuals who dictate life within the School be of the people, by the people, for the people. While the former criterion will be fulfilled by any candidate, I deem it of paramount importance that we also ensure the latter two are realised. At present, there is a considerable amount of inertia, apathy, and lackadaisicality towards student representation within the School of Mathematics, and I feel the most appropriate way to overcome this is three-pronged: availability, approachability, and accountability. We must ensure students are comfortable sharing their views, and they're satisfied that their sentiments and suggestions are being acted upon appropriately.

Consequently, to avoid the oxymoronic notion of democracy devoid of accountability, I would bring transparency and dependability to the role. To do so, I would organise regular in-person sessions, in addition to an optional mailing list, that would detail the ongoings of the organisations and committees within the School of Mathematics who represent your interests and provide you with frequent opportunities to supply feedback and suggest change.

In short, I am volunteering to make myself your conduit for change. Should you wish to provide critique in a confidential manner, I'll be there to hear it. Should you wish to express satisfaction to the faculty, I'll be there to share it. Should you wish to fight for the provision and providence of resources, then I shall be the willing implement through which you wage war. Make of me your puppet, an erudite, energetic, eloquent, and ever so humble servant. Please grant me the opportunity to continue to work on your behalf, deploying dry witticisms, rhetorical techniques, and aimless analogies to ameliorate the student learning experience. 

Choose experience. Choose approachability. Choose accountability. The choice is clear, and like the imaginary unit satisfying x^2+1=0, it is I.

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