Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Advice and Community)

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Melissa Jarvis

Hello! I believe being part of a supportive and caring community should be something every university student here feels they are included in and can contribute to.

I am an enthusiastic, reliable and focused individual who is campaigning to become the next Activities representative for ‘Advice and Community’. I will soon be entering my final year of Social Anthropology with Development and I am currently fortunate enough to be on Erasmus at Universiteit van Amsterdam.

This academic year in Amsterdam has given me perspective into a different education system, diverse group of people and new students associations. I am on the International Student Network committee in Amsterdam and have been responsible for organising, facilitating and ensuring successful events for new exchange and international students.

My motivation for this position comes from a drive to ensure every individual within our community has the best experience possible in the time they spend here. Engaging with societies who allow our community to flourish and provide guidance to our fellow community members is an excellent way to ensure everyone feels supported and accepted in our community. I will build further on work so far to make sure advice is offered and resources signposted where necessary to societies and those within them.

I hope to support you and help shape our experiences at the university positively. I will do my best to ensure every individuals views and ideas are considered and listened to. I hope to provide a positive, open and friendly contact with which every member of our community feels comfortable contacting when necessary. I have been involved in many extra-curricular activities throughout my life which has enabled me to develop a strong sense of teamwork.

I have lots of experience in different roles -both in employment and volunteering- with different groups of people which I believe would be beneficial experience in this role. My employment experience has a broad range (including as a student ambassador at UofE, bartender, retail assistant) which I believe enables me to be flexible, resilient and responsive in complicated situations.

Representation is an essential part of making sure people within our university are listened to and advocated for. Previously, I have been elected several times as a student representative in a variety of both elective and core courses. I also held an office bearer role in the Amnesty International society as a Welfare Officer. These roles allowed me to develop a specific focus on accessibility and inclusivity in practical terms which I believe I will develop further by aiming to increase inclusivity and accessibility within the advice and support activities area of the student association.

Thank you for your consideration!