Candidate for the position of Law Undergraduate School Representative

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Mansi Dwivedi

Hello everybody, my name is Mansi Dwivedi and I am a second year LLB Law student. I'm running to be your Undergraduate Law School Representation this year. I'm 19 years old and I hail from Bhopal, India but have lived in most parts of India throughout my 18 years of secondary and high school education.

The Law School community is such a diverse body made up of students from different parts of the world with different views and opinons. I am committed to being your representative and be a good listener. Moreover, I want to make sure that I use this opportunity to make good use of what I have already learnt by being in this breathtaking city and reading law for the past two years. 

The way I perceive this role is that it not only involves leadership, but also accountability. I am eager to help out students not only with their transition to the Law School but also to represent their views and make sure everybody's voices are heard. If elected, I would ensure that every person has chance to put up their opinions and share their ideas.

I’ve always considered myself to have a strong work ethic. I deem it to be one of my key strengths. I am passionate about my work and I strive to be as successful as I can in the tasks I perform. I can act as a strong bridge between the Law School and the wide body of law students.

Social impact holds an extremely important place in my life. I share the passion and determination to bring about impactful change in the world around me. It is not necessary to take huge steps or dedicate a lot of time towards contributing to bringing about a change. I strive for success in all spheres of life and I constantly ensure that I am able to contribute as much as I can for the well-being of the community. If I am given the chance to be the Law School Representative this year, it will not only help me make a real change but also provide me with a lot of valuable experience that will help me to improve on my weaknesses and grow as an individual. 

Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my manifesto and I hope everybody has a great remaning Semester 2!