Candidate for the position of President

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Ellen MacRae


Hello! I’m Ellen and I’m running to be your President. 


I'm a Biomedical Science student graduating this summer and I know that studying in Edinburgh is much more than just getting your degree. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve received whilst participating in multiple societies and committees including the Sub-Aqua club and Clarinet Choir! As a Team Leader within EUSA, I already know exactly what it’s like to work for our student body. Life in Edinburgh is about the people you meet, the experiences you have and the community you are part of. I want to make sure that your Students’ Association offers you the services and opportunities to ensure your student life here is as rewarding as possible. 


As your President you can expect me to ACT:



To your city

  • Lobbying the University for more affordable accommodation and expansion of our housing cooperative.

  • Providing better support for students moving out of halls.

  • Free bus services for disabled students.

  • Earlier release of exam timetables so you can plan your travel better.


To your university

  • Maintaining the KB shuttle bus and travel reimbursements for students travelling to Easter Bush, Bioquarter and their placements.

  • Ensuring that European students are supported throughout the Brexit transition.  

  • Improving physical access for all students, and streamlining how issues are reported and acted on.

  • Focus on inclusivity in new building development. The needs of all of our students must be met, including the availability of quiet spaces, gender neutral toilets and changing spaces.



For you

University is a period of great personal change, your Students’ Association should support you with:

  • A greater focus on wellbeing during transition periods and exam seasons.

  • Expanding mental health first aid training for all staff in positions of support, including Resident Assistants.

  • ‘How to help a friend’ workshops as we all have someone we wish we could help more and sometimes, we too are affected by others’ mental health. 

  • Providing opportunities and jobs with attractive incentives and personal development plans.


For the environment

  • When we make changes, you should know why and their environmental impact - I will improve this communication pathway. 

  • Increasing the availability of sustainable alternatives from our catering and retail outlets.



From me

  • Online tracking of my manifesto aims so you can hold me accountable.

  • Being physically present on all of our campuses once a month so you can be transparent with me - what change do you want to see?


From your Students’ Association

  • Acknowledgement and accountability when dealing with your complaints and suggestions.

My pronouns are she/her.
I wish to be an inclusive communicator, if you require my manifesto in a different format then please let me know.