Candidate for the position of Trans and Non-Binary Officer

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Elliot Byrom

I'm Elliot, a part-time honours Linguistics student and your Trans and Nonbinary Liberation Officer for the past year.

It has been fantastic to work for trans and nonbinary students in this role. I have had many wonderful experiences with people from across the University and it has been great to make a real impact on the policies and systems that shape our student experience. However, there is still more work to be done, both on my more ambitious manifesto points from last year and generally across the University. If re-elected I will use the experience, knowledge and working relationships I have built this year to continue this work and develop new projects.

Trans and Nonbinary Student Representation

Currently there is far too little representation of trans and nonbinary students -  evidenced by the fact that I am running for this role unopposed.

  • I will work to increase the number of trans and nonbinary students involved in student representation by making it more open and accessible to the community

Better Support for Trans and Nonbinary Students

My work this year has allowed me to talk to many student groups and organisations which want to be trans and nonbinary inclusive but don’t know how

  • I will work with the Students’ Association and Sports Union to provide better guidance for student groups
  • I will also work to provide more support and resources to trans and nonbinary students, especially those new to or visiting the University

Communication and Transparency

Currently the University makes decisions regarding issues impacting trans and nonbinary students behind closed doors, with little transparency on who is making the decisions and why

  • I will campaign for more transparency from the University on issues impacting trans and nonbinary students
    • Communication between the University on trans and nonbinary issues needs to be more frequent, regular and publicly available to all students it impacts
  • I will work to establish more accountability for all Liberation Officers to the students they’re representing while protecting them as marginalised students themselves

Ongoing Work

  • I will continue to work on guidance that clarifies the University Dignity and Respect policy to prevent discrimination against groups, not just individuals
  • I will continue to strengthen ties between trans and nonbinary students and staff members
  • I will continue to push for compulsory training including issues impacting trans and non-binary students across all schools and departments
  • I will continue to fight transphobia on campus wherever it arises