Candidate for the position of Chemistry Undergraduate School Representative

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Sophia Constantinou

I’m a third year student on the BSc Chemistry degree. I was previously elected class rep in my second year; I’m also currently the President of Art Society and a founder and Treasurer of Animation Society, so I have plenty of experience helping create change in the School of Chemistry, organising events, and connecting with people on a large scale.


 “How can we take the pressure off?”


  • Support mental wellbeing and grow Chemmunity

Some might say that chemistry is a stressful degree. I want to maximise funding for Chemmunity (which is already doing incredible work to support the School of Chemistry) to take the pressure off university and help us fully enjoy our degree.


  • Ensuring chemistry sinks in

Our first year at university is mainly spent learning the foundations of chemistry which we build upon throughout our undergraduate career. I want to create resources to ensure that the basic principles of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry are easy to understand and summarised in a useful way.


  • Encouraging communication throughout the academic spectrum

The school of chemistry comprises of undergraduates, postgraduates and staff; I want to ensure that all these groups of people talk to each other to give advice, have conversations about their research and network. Chemistry is a great linking subject between biology and physics, and I want to create connections with other departments so we can learn about other subjects to enhance our chemistry knowledge and open ourselves up to opportunities so we can apply our chemistry knowledge in different ways.


  • Better preparation for life outside the Joseph Black Building

There are many different reasons why people to pursue a chemistry degree, from aiming towards a PHD, to a career in education, industry, government… the list goes on. I want to make sure that we all have as many relevant opportunities for our future, whatever they may be.


  • Improving diversity and equality

Unfortunately, the world is not yet a completely inclusive place. I want to increase awareness of LGBTQ, racially diverse and female scientists and promote opportunities specifically targeted at these groups of people.