Candidate for the position of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Annika Cleland-Hura

I’m Niki, a Philosophy & English Literature student from Canada, and I want to represent you, the PPLS student body, in the Student Council.


The School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences is diverse, unique, and full of fantastic opportunities. But it can often feel like we all exist in our own disciplines, without much connection between years, departments, and students and staff. My goal is to make PPLS a more interconnected, more social, and more supportive school community.




I intend to facilitate communication within our school, both between academic staff and students, and between different departments. I will do this in two ways:


Staff Meetings


I will have regular meetings with academic staff to ensure that:

i. important departmental information is being passed onto students; and

ii. the staff hear what you have to say.


Student Rep Meetings


I will also have regular round-table and individual meetings with student year representatives from each department to ensure that student feedback is being passed on and that the reps from different departments are in communication with each other.




I intend to create a better sense of community within PPLS by providing more department- and school-wide social opportunities, both with academic staff and with the Inter-Society Committee. These will include:


Inter-Department Student Socials


These social mixers will allow students from each department to get to know each other. Many of these will be through collaboration between the four PPLS societies: PhilSoc, PsySoc, LingSoc, and CogSciSoc. As a committee member of PhilSoc, I am in a prime position to facilitate these kinds of events.


I also intend to continue the tradition of throwing an end-of-year PPLS ball.


Student-Staff Mixers


These events will allow students to connect with their tutors and lecturers in a non-academic setting, facilitating personal relationships that will create a more welcoming and supportive school environment.




It can often feel as though there is very little access to guidance and support within our school. In my time as a student at this school, I have discovered a great many resources available to us in PPLS! But they can be very difficult to find.


I promise to make this information more accessible, and to be an active intermediary for finding opportunities and support for PPLS students.




PPLS has so much to offer, but it doesn’t feel like a cohesive school. My goal is to change this. Vote Niki Cleland-Hura for a sense of belonging – for the school community you deserve.