Candidate for the position of Literatures, Languages & Cultures Undergraduate School Representative

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Leah Duncan-Karrim

My name is Leah Duncan-Karrim and I am standing to be your LLC Student Representative for the second time. I previously held office in the academic year 2018-19, achieving progress in the areas of lecture recording, student mental health and wellbeing and improving staff-student communication which appeared to be the key issues within the school at the time.

I feel that this experience has made me aware of some key points for improvement which I will aim to tackle in the next academic year should I be re-elected.

First of all I would like to further widen the usage of lecture recording within LLC. Whilst there has already been progress made, it remains the case that many classes are still not accessible through recordings, penalising those who may not be able to attend for genuine reasons such as health restrictions. Another argument for this is increased ease of revision for international students, who may prefer to listen to lectures again in their own time if English isn’t their first language and they have missed certain aspects. While this is particularly beneficial to these students it is also useful for everyone to have access to lectures for further revision and to ease comprehension, especially in particular areas where topics can become very abstract and complex. In my previous role as LLC School Representative I worked towards improving staff understanding and usage of this system to benefit the wider student population.

Secondly, I would like to continue working with students, particularly those about to undertake a year abroad, in providing information and support about mental health services offered by the university and local community. Previously I ran a series of lectures about available support and liaised with students to communicate further feedback to the university-wide student council of which I was also a member. I would like to continue this work and aim to research further ways to support students in this area.

Finally I would like to improve the communication between joint honours degrees. Many of these involve two subjects in different schools, and due to the number of programme varieties it is difficult for lecturers to have full knowledge of all of them. This often results in confusion, increased workloads and lack of information for students being shared between two schools within the university.

I previously thoroughly enjoyed working with students and staff within the school to improve working conditions and student experience. While this manifesto has detailed the three main aspects of life within LLC that I will aim to tackle, it is by no means comprehensive and I would be delighted to hear any further suggestions. If I am re-elected I thoroughly look forward to representing you!