Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Officer

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George Ross



With me as your LGBTQ+ Liberation Officer, I want us to use our voices and take a stand against homophobia on campus.

Having both experienced bi-phobia/erasure and sexism, I know what it is like to be a part of the queer communtiy AND a woman! 

The mental health of the queer community is something which is close to my heart. Dealing with mental health issues is not easy and it can be harder for those who identify as part of this community.  I want to help others to be heard and feel like they have a safe space to turn to.

Gays get sad too :(  We aren't a bubbly ball for your entertainment xo 


More can be done to offer queer inclusion on campus. Some ideas are ... 


1) #NoHate Movement: 

ENSURE the university make it KNOWN how to reposrt hate speech/abuse. A campaign similar to the #NOExcuse campaign to tell students they are not alone.  A campaign for BEYOND LGBTQ+ History Month

They have campaigns against sexual harassment why not against hate too? 

2) MORE Queer events SUPPORTED by EUSA: 

CRUSH is a really fun night out but sadly only happens once a month. More events throughout the month supported by the Student Association AND aren't alcoholic gives queer students MORE SPACES!!! Not only is this fun and mentally helpful, it'll allow all students see that ... 

Edinburgh university,  SUPPORT the queer community! 

3) Menstrual products in ALL Toilets: 

However you identify, more than 50% of the population get periods. If you feel more comfortable in the mens toilets or the female toilets are out of service. 


~ Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know its boring and people don't seem to care but I DO! I want to help the queer community feel as part of edinburgh university as much as i can. ~ 

Remember to VOTE FOR GEORGE in the EUSA 2020 Elections :)