Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Media and Broadcasting)

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Jeremy Pestle

Hi! It’s Jeremy here - hoping to become your next Activities Representative for the Media and Broadcasting societies!

These are arguably some of the most important societies within the entire Students’ Association. Why? The content they produce is read, heard and viewed by thousands of students across the University on a regular basis. They speak truth to power as well as entertain you; they highlight the amazing and important things happening across our community. How these societies are supported in their content creation is important - not just to them, but to you as students. That’s reason enough for you to vote for a candidate in this position.

In case you’re not yet convinced, let me tell you a bit about what I’d like to do…

  • BUILD THE CONNECTION between media societies and the Students’ Association. This means the Students’ Association needs to be enthusiastic about everything they create and report on - including stories that hold it accountable. Liaising with both sides is the clearest path to a positive relationship between the student body and its association.
  • REPRESENT AND EMPOWER societies to raise any questions or issues they have, whether it be about how they can run themselves better or what changes the Students’ Association can implement such that running a society becomes easier. But instead of them coming to us, we should go to them - being proactive in that ambition is best. I’m happy and willing to field questions at their society and committee meetings on what they need.
  • FOSTER A GREATER COMMUNITY within the media and broadcasting societies. Sharing your talents and skills with each other is an amazing way of making your content more dynamic and diverse - which benefits not only society members and the student body, but far more widely across Edinburgh and Scotland. There are no limits to what we can achieve together and I’m sure we’re able and willing to do it!

Want to know more? Search “Jeremy for Activities Rep” on Facebook!

REMEMBER: None of this will be possible without YOU - all it takes for you to effect positive change right here, today(!) - is to rank me number 1 for Activities Representative. Happy voting - it might just make you feel amazing!