Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Appreciation)

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Paulina Mrozek

Hello, my name is Paulina and I am a first year Mathematical Physics student. I am part of the SocieTEA and I am running for the Activities Representative for Appreciation Societies.

Image and participation

As an Activities representative for Appreciation societies, my main focus would be on working with the societies to increase the participation of students in the societies. I believe that the high proportion of underrepresented and niche societies belonging to the Appreciation group creates a very exclusive feel around them and that all students would benefit by changing this image. This can be achieved by working more closely with Student Association on University events and by collaborations within the societies. This would allow other people to have a look into the societies and thus diminish the mythical exclusiveness of the image. It is extremely important that everyone within the whole university body feels like they can join these types of societies without much prior knowledge, but with enthusiasm and interest in the subject of the society.

Collaborations and working together

Furthermore, I want to improve and increase the collaborations within the societies. Not only is it fun, but also crucial as it allows us to expand the horizons and meet some amazing people which normally would be hard to do. Working together on events helps to diversify the meetings and to introduce societies to wider audience thus helping with eliminating the exclusive image of societies.


Lastly, I will work towards making sure that the societies are equally represented with the Student Association by making sure that their issues and comments are noted and brought up to the required authorities. I believe that every society on the list has an opinion and voice which should be heard no matter how small the society is. I would want to maintain a close contact with the societies in order to make sure that it is possible.