Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Volunteering)

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Tumi Akeke

Hi! My name is Tumi. I am a first-year student studying Biological Sciences and I am running to be YOUR next Activities Representative (Volunteering). I believe everyone has the highlight(s) of their first year, what went well, and what didn’t but I would say that the highlight of my first year would be ‘Volunteering’. I never really understood the worth of my volunteering work until I saw the impact of it myself. Hearing stories of people whose lives I have saved through my volunteering work is fulfilling, but seeing the people themselves testify is touching.


Why me? Throughout my high school, I ran a student-led volunteering society that contributed to the welfare of orphans. Currently, I volunteer with charity organisations and volunteering societies at the University of Edinburgh, including Enactus- in helping the unemployed to start up small businesses. I am also collaborating with a group of friends in my home-country, Nigeria, to build and develop the youths by helping them discover and develop their potentials. With these experiences, I believe that I have the appropriate skills and passion to represent YOU and YOUR views here at the university.


As YOUR representative, I would reach out to volunteering societies in the university to help with their needs such as funding, accessibility and/or support. I would do this by organising meetings with them to find out their needs and putting measures in place to satisfy them. I would also conduct occasional feedback sessions with the committee members of these societies. This would be an opportunity for me to learn about their progress, and more importantly, for the different societies to learn from each other’s successes and failures.


‘Where do I volunteer?’, ‘How do I volunteer?’,  ‘Why volunteer?’, these are the questions I have encountered the most as a volunteer this academic year. For this reason, I plan to act more on creating awareness about global and local volunteering opportunities, charity organisations, societies at the university, and potential funds available for volunteers. I would organise training sessions for volunteers who are keen to learn more about volunteering and how to engage others in it.


Furthermore, I would create opportunities per semester for the most involved volunteer and volunteering society to be given awards. This would help volunteers realise how much their effort are being appreciated and motivate them to make the most of their volunteering opportunities. Overall, I would work hand-in-hand with EUSA Volunteering and the previous Activities Representative(s). I believe that learning from their experiences and working with their guidance will put me in a position to serve YOU well.


Becoming YOUR Activities Representative would be all about YOU!

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