Candidate for the position of NUS Scotland Delegates

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Nathan Zou

If you haven’t heard, the NUS is facing a £3 million deficit this coming year. That is, to say the least, a lot of money. Faced with this, the NUS is making some drastic changes, including selling their London HQ, cutting staff support for officers, as well as cutting funding to a few officer positions. Notably, these positions being cut include the International Officer, Trans Officer, and Women’s Officers for Scotland and Wales.

Scotland has always remained more progressive than the rest of the UK on many issues, but I firmly believe that NUS Scotland has a duty to develop an official stance condemning the decision to cut these officer positions, as it seems that the NUS has deemed international and trans students least important to be represented. This is a disgrace, especially as international students have the most to worry about regarding Brexit, and trans students face the furthest uphill battle for recognition of their validity.

We should be able to hold ourselves to a higher standard than cutting support for people when convenient. We can do better and we will. 


If elected to serve as an NUS Scotland delegate, here’s what I’ll focus on:


  1. Fighting for the funding of the International, Trans, and Women’s Officers.

  2. Developing a balanced budget that doesn’t pour endless amounts of cash towards bureaucracy

  3. Pushing for post-Brexit NUS support for international students

  4. And as always, the ever important issue of mental health and how universities do not ever do enough to address it


Peace out, and vote Nathan Zou #1 for NUS Scotland delegate