Candidate for the position of Part-time Students' Representative

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David Renton

As a part-time student, with other responsibilities, I am keenly aware that not all student experiences are the same.

I want to make sure that EUSA not only recognises this, but also takes positive steps to make sure it acts in the best interests of its diverse part-time membership.


Being a Disabled person I have first-hand experience of discrimination. I am passionately committed to representing ALL part-time Edinburgh University students, and in particular to being a strong advocate for people who find themselves disadvantaged where Societal, Physical, and Union structures are set up to benefit a narrow profile of person.


I am a Student Rep for my subject area, so I have direct experience of gathering Student input and fighting for the interests and needs of the Students I represent.


I am a qualified Barrister and therefore used to and confident in advocating for the interests of people I represent in potentially intimidating situations.


These qualities would make me a capable and committed Part Time Student Representative.