Candidate for the position of Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate School Representative

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Yicheng Wang

Since I came to the school , I have been holding positions of program. I also have done some pragmatic work for the university and our schoolmates. during the communication with our schoolmates, i feel it deep that the cohesion of a unit lies in a developing and advancing collective, while the strength for it comes from sincerity, understanding and contributions. as a leader of student, one should have a firm belief with sacrifice. as a leader of student, one should be willing to make up the gap between man and man, idea and reality with his fierce feelings. as a leader of student, one should not be selfish. what he seeks for is to work hard and give himself up to the service.

I,  as one of the thousands of students of school of physics and astronomy, am proud of it. i would be more willing to take up the duty belonging to me. this is my initial hope. this is why I am joining the election.

I remember one candidate himself said loudly, "Should i leave the position quietly or be bold to stay?" During the last competition for student union. as a result, he was bold to stay for the position. I would like to let everyone know that i hope that i will be kept for the position. even though i fail, i won't leave quietly and angrily out of spite because i am a member of economy college, and because my roots are in the mei campus.

No mater where i go, my school always stays with me and my deep feelings to it always keeps in me. i would like to work heart and soul, for my love of my school. i earnestly hope to contribute my feelings and fervently hope to share the happiness and be concerned about the worries with every one of my school.