Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Faith, Belief Systems and Spiritual Development)

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Rebekah Orriss

Dear students, I am a third-year Geography and Anthropology student and the current Secretary of the Anglican Society. I am standing for the Activities Representative for faith, belief systems, and spiritual development societies. I believe that the university should be an open space to explore new and existing beliefs and that the faith, belief systems and spiritual development societies are essential to this role. They are especially important for creating spaces where people with similar beliefs can spend time together and form friendships, especially as this can be a struggle in a university with such a large student population.

Therefore, I’m very excited to have the opportunity to help support these societies in their activities throughout the year. I would be very willing to hear the experiences of the societies and listen to feedback on how the Student Association can improve their support of the students in these societies. I am very keen to introduce more interfaith and belief events to help the different societies find out more about each other and increase the sense of community felt in the shared space of the Chaplaincy. While the societies represent different beliefs, I think it important to engage with different perspectives whilst we have the opportunity. I also firmly believe in opening conversations with people who do not already know much about the societies in this category, so I would also like to support the societies in reaching out to the wider student population. I would work with the societies to share their beliefs in an effort to help to break down the stereotypes that students in faith and belief societies may face and perhaps widen their membership base.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please vote for me if you want me to represent your society!