Candidate for the position of Economics Undergraduate School Representative

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Lisa Gmerek

As your Undergraduate Rep for the School of Economics, I'd like to represent the diverse student body, including international students and those that have never studied Econ before. My focus would be the teaching methods: The tutorial for first year students have often not been very helpful and there were quite a few complaints about individual tutors. I'd like to represent those students and communicate to the School of Economics that we want to get more out of tutorials and that tutors should be selected carefully. My most important aim is to discuss the MCQs with the school: I think, and I've talked to many people that agree, that the MCQs are not really fair to students. The questions are more focused on random facts than on theories and calculations we learn about. Another point of critique is the grading system of the MCQs. If I get elected, you can message me anytime about your opinion on different topics or complaints you'd like to bring forwards and I'll make sure they're being heard.