Candidate for the position of Mathematics Undergraduate School Representative

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Winnie Zhang

Hello, my name is Winnie Zhang and I’m running for the position of Mathematics Undergraduate School Representative.


I aim to be the School Representative to help improve the quality of the educational experience the University has to offer, create a more inclusive environment of community within the school and to continue or improve the standard of satisfaction that the School of Mathematics has.

I’m currently a Program Representative for both the schools I’m a part of in my joint Economics and Mathematics degree and have previously been Representatives for outside courses.
A large part of my experience includes taking part in Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings. These meetings focus on course feedback, and also for example discussions about the results of the National Student Survey; discussing what contributes to the results and how to maintain standards on a wide scale. Finer details of specific course satisfaction and steps taken to achieve the same quality for the next cohort are also considered. This has led me to develop communication and teamwork skills by working with other Reps and staff. I have improved my ability to present ideas concisely and gaining new skills in diplomacy. These are characteristics that will enable me to be an effective School Representative for you. I’ve taken part in EUSA-led workshops, meeting students from multiple mathematical disciplines and degree types. This allowed me to see a variety of perspectives on the university experience.


If elected, I intend to achieve my aims as above by introducing three main objectives as well as taking on the usual responsibilities of the School Representative:
Objective 1: To help improve the quality of the educational experience,

  • extend the time which students can give feedback to increase outreach
  • introduce a platform for Reps across the year cohorts, making it easier to communicate outside of SSLC meetings and increase interaction between cohorts, and between Program Reps and the School Rep

Objective 2: To increase the sense of community,

  • introduce School-owned jumpers for Honours or final-year students, which are part of the School of Mathematics (therefore different to the MathSoc/EUSA hoodies) in which I have seen an interest in and a demand for from my peers

Objective 3: To continue or improve the standard of satisfaction,

  • create handover documents for new or upcoming Representatives to help them settle into their role and give an insight to their responsibilities

I am dedicated to improving the university experience for both staff and students and put great importance on making a contribution to the university. I hope my aims and intentions complement your vision for the School of Mathematics.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and please vote for me.