Candidate for the position of Education and Sport Undergraduate School Representative

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Callum Sibley

As a student in Edinburgh University you can sometimes feel as if you are a small cog in a very large machine, that what you do and what you say can’t always have an effect on your time at university. However, I know from my time as course rep that your voice and the voice of those around you can actually make a difference in your time at university.


After three years of being in a course that is small enough that your voice can really be heard I know what positive effects can be had if you are able to project them forward to staff and others who matter. I know the difference it can make for the student knowing that if they are able to have their opinions shared and respected then their confidence in the university grows and in doing so creating a strong relationship between the students and all the staff. 


This relationship of respect and understanding between staff and students is something I wish to build upon as the representative for moray house. By aiming to make an atmosphere amongst all year groups and within all different disciplines that students and staff are able to share their own opinions and values in order to work together to create a shared desired future for everyone within Moray House.


I will look to encourage all course reps to take an avid role in collecting consistent feedback from their fellow course mates throughout the year. By making sure they are getting feedback on the course on a more regular basis this will hopefully allow of issues and praise to be raised earlier in discussions rather than waiting of the annual meetings whereby the problem has already manifested into something that could have been negotiated much earlier in the year. This transparency created between the staff and course reps will hopefully build on the effective relationships that I discussed earlier and making sure the course meets everyone’s needs. 


I believe as a the representative of undergraduates at moray house I can offer a dedicated and professional approach in making sure that the experience that students receive while at university. While we are all here to learn and better ourselves as people I want to make sure that the space where we are doing out learning is safe and enjoyable for all parties.