Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Representative

Elaina Benson

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Students’ Representative


I am a third year History and Archaeology student and your previously elected Mature Students’ Representative.  I am passionate about continuing to improve the Mature Students Group and I believe more could be done for Mature Students.  I am committed to work towards the betterment of the group. 


I pledge to:

  • Continue to work towards expanding knowledge of the group and expanding member numbers.
  • Continue the Mature Students booth during welcome week which I arranged last year.
  • Arrange for the Mature Students banner to be present at the library twice a semester to aid in expanding members.
  • Work towards expanding the budget available to the group.
  • To work in close coordination with other group representatives (Parents, Post-Graduate, Part-Time) that might share concerns and age appropriate members.
  • Continue to try and create another platform, besides Facebook, for group communication.
  • Campaign for a designated space on campus for Mature Students to utilize for study space, offer support and as a social place for the group.
  • Work with the Careers office to provide advice more appropriate for Mature Students who are changing careers versus starting one.
  • Work towards providing options for UG Housing for Mature Students.
  • Be readily available to members and always be open to suggestions for the group.