Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Media and Broadcasting)

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Sophie Smith

 My name is Sophie Smith, I am a 3rd year Biomed student and I am running for Activities Representative for Media and Broadcasting societies 2019/2020.

I am currently the Assistant Station Manager of and have been actively involved in media societies for the past three and half years. While FreshAir has been my primary focus I have also written for The Student and worked on reviews with EUTV. For the past two years I have also been involved in the organisation of the Media Ball and originated the Media Ball subcommittee last year in the hopes of creating more collaboration between the societies.

I am very passionate about the important role that media societies play in providing a platform for creativity, exploration and ingenuity. I believe that we have massively contributed to this University and our voices should be better represented on a greater scale.

As Activities Representative I would like focus on two main areas:

1. Greater collaboration between the media societies.

There are nine listed media societies each with different specialities and mediums, I believe that fostering greater connections will help to elevate the content being produced and will give more access for each society’s members to different audiences and different mediums. I would like to aid this collaboration by:

  • Acting as a support intermediary between societies by setting up a Facebook/Slack group for the key office bearers of each society to help ease communications.
  • Assisting in the organisation of more intersociety events and socials; this would be a great way to get some of the newer and smaller societies more involved and would be especially beneficial at the start of the semester to encourage new members to join.
  • I would also like to help foster more collaborations and exchanges of work between the societies. Cross-promotion of specific features or exciting opportunities is a great way to engage a wider audience. 

2. Working with EUSA to get more support to each society

Each society needs different and specific support. I hope to be able to work with EUSA to help each society be the best it can be and give it the platform it deserves. I plan to:

  • Act as a direct link to EUSA to aid in various communications, for example helping with last minute room bookings. 
  • Work with EUSA to better utilise the on campus facilities, using the TV screens, radio/music in venues, posters on walls to promote the work of media societies. 
  • Work with EUSA to set up more training for office bearers and society members in areas such as adobe suite, photoshop, media law and GDPR.
  • Petition for subsidised or more reasonable printing prices for media society usage.