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Rosheen Wallace

Hi I'm Rosheen, a 4th year French and Linguistics student running to be Vice President of Community next year! 

Edinburgh has been a community for me in many ways. From getting involved in societies, volunteering with a charity, to being a member of a local highland dance school, I am grateful for the communities I am part of both at university and in the city.

Throughout my four years, I have also come to see the major problems students face in terms of accommodation and transport, and this has motivated me to go a step further and represent students’ voices on these issues. 

Read on for what I will do if elected!


  • Fight for tighter regulation on rent prices so that rent can’t be hiked up year on year with no evidence to show that properties are being improved. 
  • Increase the availability of the University guarantor scheme – 100 places hardly makes a dent in the population of 18,000 international students.  
  • Conduct a survey on students’ housing experiences to get a detailed picture of the major issues affecting us in terms of accommodation. 
  • Organise flatmate-finding events with icebreaker activities for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere! 
  • Organise workshops run by students, for students, to share knowledge and tips about flat-hunting


  • Push for bus routes that suit students, such as the inclusion of a Marchmont stop on the Kings and Peffermill routes. 
  • Make bike pumps and tool kits freely available to use on all campuses
  • Increase funding for bus passes, including those travelling to Easter Bush and those in halls far out from George Square. 
  • Continue pushing to improve cycle routes in the city to make our roads safer for cyclists. 



  • Implement a textbook buy and sell scheme so that materials don’t go to waste after graduation. 
  • Distribute reusable water bottles to follow from the success of the keep cup scheme last year! 
  • Ensure the widespread availability of food waste bins at uni as well as making it easier to obtain a free food waste caddy for our flats. 
  • Make sure food from catered events is shared with students or donated so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill. 
  • Promote the replacement of single use plastic with reusable materials on campus. 


Our Edinburgh Community 

  • Subsidise PVG licences for students who volunteer so that they don’t have to fork out their own cash in order to give back to the community.  
  • Provide support sessions with local MP’s and University staff for international students for guidance on issues such as citizenship, visas and work permits.
  • Allow non-students to be on society committees: strong relationships between students and the wider community should be encouraged! 


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