Candidate for the position of Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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IfeOluwa Taiwo

Hi there! I’m Ife, a third year Neuroscience undergraduate.

During my time as a Biomedical sciences student, I have developed a passion for improving student quality of education. This is evident in my roles as Biomedical Sciences 2 and Mechanism of Brain Development 3 programme representative. To further improve the Biomedical Sciences student experience, I am running to be your next Undergraduate School representative!

I understand that academia is a very important part of student experience. My goal as Deanery of Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate representative is to make academic learning more enriching.

To do this I will:

Representing You

  • Continue to seek out student needs and be the bridge between students and lecturers to ensure student voices are heard and acted upon as I have been doing for the past two years.

Peer Networking

  • Introduce “Peer networking sessions”. Several Biomedical students are doing incredible things within and outside the scientific community. A networking session would allow fellow students connect with their peers. There will also be an opportunity for students to write about their summer experiences including work experience, internships and volunteering. 

Adjusting as New students

  • Enhance the strength of Academic Families. As a second-year direct entry student myself, I struggled with understanding the academic requirements of my courses as well as building a support network. I believe the Academic Families can be more impactful to help new students assimilate better.

Use Seniors as resource

  • Introduce “Learn from Seniors” scheme where senior Biomedical students pass on information including what they wish they known before, how to make the most of staff and tutor communication, how and what they would have done things differently, finding relevant support and internships to apply for.

Benefit from Graduates and Postgraduates

  • Work to create a platform that connects Biomedical Science graduates and postgraduates with undergraduates. This would further improve student insight into what career options are available after undergraduate study.

Globally reflective education

  • Work to create an academic teaching team that is reflective of the world we live in. That is in both academic content as well as a broad staff representation.

Sustain previous rep actions

  • Work towards creating transparency between Undergraduate representatives. This will ensure that newly elected representatives know and can sustain the work of previous representatives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook or via email at ( if you have any questions.