Candidate for the position of GeoSciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Rebecca Rees

Dear Geosciences Students, 

I am a third year Geography student who is really excited to have the opportunity to be elected as your voice to the rest of the university. I have been a class rep since first year, and have been privileged to gather and discuss feedback with course organisers and I am well known on my course, and therefore I know how useful and important the providing of feedback and the changing of anything not working is. It has been incredible to see some of my recommendations and evaluations of the feedback be implemented into the degree program to make it better for current and future students. 

I am very willing to use the skills that I have learnt over the last 3 years and use them to create a better learning environment for all of the Geoscience students, spread out over Central and King's Campuses. This would involve me getting to all of the SSLC's across the school, hearing wider issues of the students I represent, and taking them up to a further level be achieved if necessary. 

Specific things I would like to achieve this year:

 • Getting better and dedicated working spaces for students within Geosciences buildings, including tables and  power points that are personalised to Geoscience students.

• Creating more social time between lecturers and students, where, in a relaxed way we can get to know each and where creative ideas can be produced. This will be achieved by utilizing the common room spaces more.

 • Making sure all class reps across geosciences know about the training available to them. I want reps to be collecting feedback in a standardized way so that all students on the Geosciences courses are represented fairly. I want to make sure I am knowable to all class reps so I can act on any wider feedback they may have. This is in line with the aims of trying to instill the importance of feedback to all the Geosciences students, so everyone feels like they are being listened too. 

From the National Student Survey Geoscience only 61% students feel like they are part of a community of staff and students. My main aims with the  specific things intertwined are wanting to achieve community and working spaces that give geoscicence students more identity and belonging and a safe space for feedback to occur.