Candidate for the position of Veterinary Studies Undergraduate School Representative

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Nirvana Leaver

Thanks to your support, I was fortunate enough to be in the position of Veterinary UG School Representative this year (2018/19). It’s been brilliant to be able to represent the interests of the student body and be an advocate for the school. Although challenging at times, the roll has allowed me to learn more about the strange world we call “the main university” and I hope to use what I’ve discovered to further strengthen the relationship between us.


Through attending School Representative meetings, I’ve had the opportunity to hear the thoughts and opinions of other student advocates - and it’s been insightful! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the issues that perpetuate your own campus or course and feel bogged down trying to get your problems heard. However, these forums have been a fantastic occasion for discussion and debate, allowing real improvements to be made at all Schools with the support of the Students Association.


I all honesty, most of us (myself included) don’t truly have an appreciation of what’s going on outside our own awareness unless we take the time to listen; so more than anything, the meetings have given me perspective leading to a new appreciation of the difficulties other students experience whilst at University. I will attempt to use these values to be a more versatile and well-balanced representative.


This year, I began to make waves in the long-standing “accommodation debate” between veterinary students and University Accommodations by collecting the experiences of students who felt their student welfare had been compromised. After getting the support of the School, Dick Vet Student Union and now the Associate of Veterinary Students, the issue is finally on its way to a resolution. However, there are still roads to be made. Change can be slow, but I’ll remain patient and committed until the problem until it is resolved.


And so, I’ve decided to run again for 2019/20!