Candidate for the position of Social & Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Dhruti Chakravarthi


Increased Involvement 

In the university environment that we are in, it ’s easy for students to feel alone and lost, with no sense of guidance or support. Simultaneously, in contrast, it is intriguing to observe the amount of support SPS in particular offers, in all realms. 

As a potential School Rep, I aim at collating this expansive information on mental-health support, financial assistance, career support from CareerHub and everything that the university has to offer and make it accessible to every student. 

Over the summer, I would love to work on strategic ways to organise workshops and meet-ups to enable freshers to have a more comfortable start at university. 


Accountability and Openness 

As an extremely involved student on campus, I understand the importance of finding ways to celebrate and deliberate on the constitution of the Student’s Association, SPS Policies to enable increased accountability-checks and involvement on campus. 

I aim at compiling directories with all relevant information from the Student’s Association and make it more accessible for all students. 


Celebrating our Diversity 

Being able to receive a panoramic range of perspectives from an array of brilliant, diverse individuals during our time at university is truly an aspect that we must cherish. As an international student from India, this is extremely important to me. 

I believe that we need a diverse individual to be able to represent the diverse views within the school. 

I believe that by getting more students involved, we would see a more rapid decolonisation process of the university’s academics through my potential tenure, by enabling students to collaborate with the Student’s Association, SPS Societies, and UncoverED.  


Effective Communication

Being in constant contact with all programme reps and course organisers would be an extremely important part of my role as the School Representative. 

I plan on additionally ensuring that I am in constant communication with other School Representatives, as well. This would ensure that our approach to various aspects of university life is integrated and interdisciplinary. 


Increase the presence of SPS on Social Media 

SPS is filled with students who are constantly doing exciting things! I believe that we should celebrate our students’ achievements across social media and get their voices heard. 

Social media is an extremely effective platform for us to stay in touch with our students going on a year abroad. I aim at starting a newsletter, a blog or a column for them to stay in touch actively with what’s happening in SPS and not feel isolated and lost when they’re back. 

Additionally, I aim at ensuring that we celebrate the incredible research academics are conducting at SPS and enable students to foster connections with them.