Candidate for the position of Engineering Undergraduate School Representative

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Ophelia Edem Tornyedzi



I was excited about the prospect of becoming an engineer because it was an avenue that would allow me to think freely with no borders and enable me to unleash my creativity to effect a positive in my society. I was ready to be free and interact with like-minded people who would challenge my perspective and expand my horizons. 


I’ve found out that there seems to be a significant gap between studying engineering and being engineering and I am determined to bridge that gap to make the study of engineering at the University of Edinburgh one that enables students to see beyond the classroom and dare to want to do more in society. 

 Being a student representative in a high school for gifted young girls in STEM whose core values were embedded around the need to create a community of young people who are empowered, ambitious, innovative and are striving for excellence, I am driven to ensure that the systems around us function to ensure that we as students get the right opportunities, guidance, and atmosphere to prepare us to be well rounded and outstanding young people who are ready to cause the change that our societies need. One of the ways I hope to achieve this is to strengthen the support systems that already exist.

I want to contribute to the experience of the students at the university by promoting activities that encourage creativity and makes room for innovation and teamwork. As a past Events and Publicity Prefect, I would set out work with the various class reps in the various engineering disciplines to ensure that it’s inclusive and the students' views and ideas are held in high esteem. 

My aim is to liaise with students and teach to create a conducive atmosphere for a teacher-student relationship to be built and where each party benefits. 


 I want to voice out the concerns of the students but present it from a point of deep understanding of the context of the situation and suggest and implement solutions that would make the time we spend studying worthwhile.