Candidate for the position of Informatics Undergraduate School Representative

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Qais "qaisjp" Patankar

Hey, I'm Qais — like suitcase, briefcase, and... yeah, you get the idea. I'm your current school rep and I've been busy helping improve the student experience.

Here's some things I've been involved in:

  • I run Better Informatics (and brought it back from the dead)
  • I maintain The Marauder's App (some cool app you can use to find free lab machines)
  • Invented InfBall (that event last year of which I have no recollection of)

Here are a couple things I'm working on right now, and will continue to work on next year:

  • Nicer chairs. Ideally with armrests. The ones we currently have are pretty uncomfortable.
  • Informatics homepages.. Learn.. ugh. How is it taking them a whole academic year to get student feedback? Lets fix this.
  • Better communication. Mistakes happen, but if (when) the school effs up, we should not be left in the dark.

If you have any questions or ideas, just message me and I'll lend you a hand.

Keep it simple, get it done.